1. General Planting Guide

– Allow your plant’s or tree’s roots to soak in

2. How to root cuttings

– Soak cuttings for 24-48h in water. Add a few

A look at.. Black Cherry tree

Common Name: black cherry   Type: Tree Family: Rosaceae Native Range:

Garden News

From Mexican Pepperleaf to Elderberry and Black Cherry and new

Oat grass (juice)

Watching the sun set behind the Monticello Gardens oat field.

Food forest

The food forest is the heart and soul of the


The Monticello Gardens Permaculture Project: Permaculture is a design system

Urban permaculture

Small scale permaculture combined with a rooftop garden Very limited

Rooftop gardening

In the city of Montreal nearly all of the building’s

The secret ‘weapons’ of permaculture –

Si on me demandais quels sont les deux outils absolument