In the city of Montreal nearly all of the building’s rooftops are flat, including most residential ones. Many years ago we discovered the wonders of being able to push the climate zone simply by physically climbing up the ladder. Up there, springs resemble summers and summers resemble those of the deep south!

Being able to take advantage of this micro-climate has been an incredible discovery and learning experience. It certainly made us realize how big of a potential for growing food is dormant within cities. It is almost shocking to see how plants can thrive and produce in that environment. We were surprised to witness such growth out of relatively small containers. The yield, the taste and freshness, all there a few feet above our heads!

Despite all the labor that comes with such a project it is well worth the effort. Every moment spent up there surrounded by plants that attract bees and butterflies brings us closer to nature despite being in the city, In a way, it also creates an extra room in the house, one that allows us to reconnect.